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Efficient Systems Management has made its way into the mainstream and it wasn’t always the case. Having worked with technology companies during my 40 years in the industry gives me a unique perspective. That perspective appreciates a solution capable of satisfying the most demanding technology stacks. EPT published books address many real world problems facing technology businesses of all sizes.

Those who have implemented Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (OEMCC) have done so with a purpose. So how about the unused functionality and how has it been a benefit for others who have? This book documents OEMCC functionality tab by tab, and provides insight as to how the functionality was implemented and in many cases, why. Each tab is discussed and for those already using the product, this EPT published book delivers alternate solutions for many of the same problems.

Covered in this book are decisions for how OEMCC can be installed, screenshots of an actual installation, problem avoidance, high availability, implementation, and a real world example of a hardware failure (disk failure) in the OMS server and recovery. This failure and recovery allowed me to continue using OEMCC without performing a complete system recovery or reinstall. The specific recovery method was tested inside and outside my lab and would leave you with a fully supported system.

EPT Published Books

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